Power Division (Ministry of Energy) was formed in August, 2017 after splitting the Ministry of Water and Power. The Water Division was merged with newly created Ministry of Water Resources and the Power Division was moved under newly created Ministry of Energy. Ministry of Energy consists of two Divisions namely Power Division and Petroleum Division

Power Division (Ministry of Energy) has been mainly dealing with the subject of electricity, which include generation, transmission and distribution and policy matters pertaining to these three functions. Right now, there are 22 public sector companies and 02 statutory bodies working under the Power Division. The power polices, power finance, operational matters pertaining to the above three functions and administrative matters of 24 Entities/ organizations are being dealt by the Power Finance, Entities & DISCOs, Transmission, Tariff & Subsidy and Development Wings within the Power Division. The matters pertaining to logistic support, human resource planning, law, Parliamentary business, coordination, budgeting, finance & accounts and audit are being dealt in two other wings namely Administration wing and Finance & Accounts wing.

Power Division (Ministry of Energy) has been dealing with comprehensive plans to fulfill the energy needs of the country. To enhance the generation of electricity, special focus is being given to alternative/ renewable energy, thermal and coal power projects to make Pakistan energy-sufficient country in the days to come besides harnessing the indigenous hydel generation resources. This strategy will set Pakistan on a trajectory of rapid economic growth and social development. Simultaneously, it will address the key challenges of the power sector in order to provide much needed relief to the citizens of Pakistan. At the same time, it is essential to mention that the IPPs are contributing a great deal in fulfilling the electricity needs of the country. Further, in order to encourage higher Power consumption, the Government has shown its willingness to lay emphasize on efficient supply of electricity for maintaining /reviving economic activities in the country.