ASAD REHMAN GILANI , Federal Secretary


In the modern world, energy plays a central role in the progress and prosperity of a nation. In this regard, Ministry of Energy, Power Division has left no stone unturned to ensure energy security for the people of Pakistan.

The Ministry of Energy, Power Division strives to develop energy from local and alternate sources like Hydel, Coal, LNG, Wind and Solar, etc. so that the high prices of electricity can be brought down to the affordable level. The present Government has set a target to increase the renewable energy share to 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030 as per ARE Policy, 2020. This initiative will bring down high prices of electricity and will ensure sustainable use of resources to benefit posterity of Pakistan.

For the realization of major paradigm shift from the conventional power resources to alternative energy sources, various projects have been launched. The Ministry is vigorously pursuing the targets and goals set and envisaged by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.



Federal Secretary